College Football: Who Will Come Out On Top?

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The beginning of school always brings the exciting factor of good ol’ college football. The 2017-18 football season is a fresh start for every team, and fans can look forward to the start of the season with new schedules and new rankings for their teams.

Even though it is still early in the season for all teams, already some predictions have been made for who will be in the college football playoffs. Prior to the start of the season, experts predicted: #1 Alabama over #4 Ohio State; #2 Clemson over #3 Washington. This would then leave Alabama and Clemson, with the prediction of Alabama beating Clemson in the national championship game. Last year the Tigers pulled off a 35-31 win against the University of Alabama to end their season. A potential rematch would be a fan favorite because it would take the same two teams from last year’s national championship game and stir up a rematch with the Crimson Tide coming out on top.

However, the predictions fluctuate because some of the teams that are predicted to be in the finals lose a game, therefore pushing them further back in rankings.

Freshman Margaret Dudley said, “I think that Alabama will make it, and I would like to see Clemson there too because they have a good team even though they lost Deshaun Watson.” Those teams are talked about often when discussing the college football playoffs and just college football in general, but there is a hometown team that is not talked about at all.

Senior Rawley Smith said, “I have a prediction for the title game – The University of Georgia will win the National Championship.”  The Dawgs have recently hired a new head coach, Kirby Smart, who replaced former head coach, Mark Richt, after the 2015 football season. The Dawgs have had to rebuild with new faces all around, with the hopes of accomplishing something big this season.

Usually, the way fans look to see which team is the best is by looking at the rankings, but maybe this is not the correct way of doing things. Junior Stone Ramsey said, “Rankings are not valid all of the time to see who is the best because they are very biased from the previous year and some teams just get better in the off season.”

There are three different types of rankings: Coaches poll, the AP poll and the CFP rankings. The coaches poll consists of head coaches that vote, AP (Associated Press) poll consists of 60 sports reporters that vote and the CFP (College Football Playoff) rankings are voted on by a selection committee and not released till about halfway through the season. Although there are mixed emotions about rankings, they do matter if you want the slightest chance of being chosen for the college football playoffs.

History teacher and senior boys grade chair Dennis Stromie said, “I am just excited about having different games to watch each week and getting to watch the whole process play out – I am just a fan of the sport.”

When asked about the most exciting thing about the upcoming football season, senior Grant Beaty said, “Because I am a senior this year, it is cool that I can watch the teams with a new perspective and kind of see what school I would want to go to, instead of just watching the games for the fun of watching football.” Through sports and in particular, college football, students can find an environment that benefits them and fits what they are looking for in a great college.

College football season is a time where you can express your excitement and fandom for your team, no matter what conference or division. Also, there is raised excitement for improved teams, new coaches and players and that special game day to look forward to and help you get through the week. Dudley said, “I just love the feel of it, just watching games and cheering on your favorite team.”

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