College Football: Who Will Re19n This Year?

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Although the months of Aug. and Sept. are usually poignant reminders of the beginning of school, in the world of sports these months are a sign of excitement and feelings of hope for victory in the months to come. College football is a great time for college students to bond, diehard fans to rival against each other and bandwagon fans to resort to the team coming out on top. Although football is not for everyone, the atmosphere of college football is a treat in itself, even without the football.

The previous college football season ended on, well, not that much of a shocker. The Alabama Crimson Tide was victorious and defeated the Georgia Bulldogs in overtime, with a pass into the endzone leaving Georgia fans in tears and Alabama fans in triumph, yet again. UGA fanatic and junior Josh Morris said, “by far the Most upsetting event last season was watching Georgia lose to Alabama in the National Championship.” After feeling like their football team was going to do it after 37 years, Georgia fans were in dismay, but the team and fans are hoping to have bounced back ready to attack the day this season.

Even though the National Championship is a whole whirl wind of events, there are still other teams and competition in college football. There are teams surrounding teams like Georgia and Alabama that will remain highly threatening throughout the season, but accurately predicting who those teams are is a very difficult to almost impossible task to accomplish.

Recently the preseason ranking surfaced with the top five consisting of: number one Alabama, number two Clemson, number three Georgia, number four Wisconsin and number five Ohio State. Clemson fan and English teacher Dawson Zimmerman said, “We are currently ranked #2, so I have no complaints. As long as we finish the season #1 and/or above UGA I will be happy.”

Georgia Tech fan and math teacher Chris Paroli said, “I think it is good when teams are flying a little under the radar. I think Georgia Tech is higher ranked than they usually are, but I think flying under the radar gives Tech a great chance to surprise some people.”

Not only are the football games special for fans, but the actual fan bases of each school is jam packed with tradition and is its own little family. Morris said, “Honestly, Saturday in Athens is an experience like no other.”

Paroli said, “The first thing that makes Tech’s fan base so unique is the traditions including the wreck, the band and the fight songs. Also, the majority of tech fans are graduates and understand the rigors of the school and understand how special the degree is. It is really cool to be around people who are likeminded and who have gone through the same things that you have.”

Who will Re19n? Could it be Alabama once again? Will the Dawgs get revenge? Maybe Clemson will come back stronger than ever. Or will an underdog sweep the nation? This season will be one hard fought battle to the end and it starts now.

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