Runners Break Their Personal Records

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The top runners for the cross-country team traveled up to Cary, North Carolina this past Fall Break to try running their lifetime personal best at the Great American Cross-Country Meet. The athletes have been practicing all summer to get ready for the first significant meet of the season.  

The most well-known fact about this cross-country meet is how fast the course is. Everyone has an incredible opportunity to get a new life time personal best. Even the boys top runner Mac Howie beat his current personal best of 17:38. Howie was one of many to break their personal best. All the athletes worked as hard as they can to get the fastest time yet.

Runners tour around a few college campuses such as University of North Carolina and Duke University. Junior Mary Ann Manley said, “I got a Carolina Basketball shirt last year, and I wear it all the time, so I want to get one with a different sport.” The students get to take house souvenirs from their weekend getaway. “One of my favorite parts of the trip last year was walking around UNC, buying t-shirts and bonding more with the team” said junior Ashley Doran. The UNC shirts are a fun memory of the trip and all the funny stories that come from purchasing the merchandise.

This trip does not just create a chance for the runners to beat their time, but the team also grows closer to create many memories that will last a lifetime. Senior captain Jeb Brown told a memory about his time on this trip two years ago. “We are at dinner at Chick-fil-A, but we parked in the parking lot of a bank. Clay Patrick (Class of ‘16) was freaking out because he thought that the building was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He was too excited. The next year, Peter Hess and I sent him a picture of the building, and he was still amped to see it. Needless to say, I think he is studying architecture.”

Another memory from years past was “streaming the ELCA game at dinner because we missed #ELCAweek”, said senior captain Caroline Gross. Another ELCA week memory comes from Manley. “We all felt really left out since we weren’t a part of ELCA week jokes, so we created GAXC week, and everyone got really annoyed, which was really funny.”

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