Shredding the Darkness: A Glimpse of Hope for New Year

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As we begin the new year, resolutions arise, and resolutions soon decline; with the hope of a positive outlook on life many fall short or let the evil of the world disrupt their beauty.

Recent current events have arisen such as the longest government shutdown in history (affecting federal employees and allowing for them to go unpaid), an extremist attack at a Kenyan hotel and an ISIS led suicide explosion in Syria injuring United States service members are just some of the many unsettling events that have happened already in 2019.

Not to mention acts that have been going on—unsolved—like disastrous and deadly fires and hurricanes, abductions, school shootings, a 30 percent suicide increase since 1999 according to the CDC and a deathly, abusive and prevalent gender discrimination issue in Middle Eastern countries and widespread across the world into other nations such as the United States.

There are two sides, both at times many people are guilty to ignoring the news—not wanting to turn on Fox News or CNN—because it is alarming to see what is going on in the world. But, it is important to understand the healthy distinction between being ignorant and simply looking towards the finer things in life. To completely disregard the breaking news that involves the United States or other nations is ignorance. People will naturally ignore evil because as humans there are two sides of our perspective: the part that we can see and the part that we cannot see (Eldredge).

It is important to at least acknowledge and be aware as long as you are not overindulging or letting it personally affect you. There is some hope though, and not necessarily by ignoring the problems. We can lift each other up, make a difference and add some color into the world that has turned very dull.

On YouTube and television, a commercial by Google surfaced entitled Year in Search 2018, which helped inspire and stand up for good. A statement of making a difference in a negative world, shredding the darkness and steering your life in the right direction. In the video, instead of news reports and disasters, it features a little boy discovering his hearing for the first time after he was born deaf, good things to watch, how to be a good singer, how to be a good dancer, how to be a good listener and more.

Yes, a healthy amount of focusing on the prevalent evil in our society is good, but inserting happiness, joy and laughter into the mix is much more beneficial. Just think of what we could do with all of the good that is shown in our universe and the good that has yet to be discovered. Making a fight for this is something that is important for the well being of the nation. Knowing that yes there is so much evil, but there is so much good at the same time.

Because after that storm and after that shooting there is healing. There is bonding. There is a nation which comes together for the common good and shows that they have not lost the battle. Instead of mourning, they are together healing.

Some positive news around the world for 2019 includes: the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission, a mass amount of Disney movies being released, cancer deaths have dropped by 25 percent since 1991 in the United States, breast cancer deaths have dropped by 39 percent and since 2014 the poverty rate has fallen to the lowest percentage at 12.7.

Saudi Arabian women no longer need the permission of a male to travel, study or drive; polio is near eradication; it is possible to solve the water crisis in our lifetime and World Vision partnered with the U.N. and UNICEF to launch the Global Partnership to end violence against children.

Evil provokes the minds of many, but good has a chance too. Being able to accept evil yet accepting good and letting good enter into our lives is so important for this new year. As a nation, we are able to change the world and change the perspective of so many humans; it’s just a matter of recognizing the admirable aspects of the world we live in, instead of negatively shutting them down.

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