NCL Senior Girls: Recognition for Service

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Every year, the National Charity League recognizes senior girls and their family for their commitment to improving their community.

According to their website, “NCL Inc. is non-profit national organization of mother and daughter members in Chapters across the United States” ( The mission of this organization is for mothers and daughters to develop leadership and cultural awareness with each other.

NCL involves a six-year program dedicated to community service. Some of the areas in which different chapters served were in soup kitchens, food pantries, children’s hospitals and military veterans’ organizations.

Seniors Chloe Hangartner, Kris Laurite and Sophie Parsonnet had their senior presents on Feb. 9 at the Atlanta Athletic Club.

Hangartner said, “Our class of 2019 was an incredible group of girls, and I am so thankful for the relationships I formed with them over the six years in NCL.” Laurite said, “NCL has taught me that even though I am serving people, I can also learn a lot from them also.”

Seniors Caroline Burke, Callie Weaver, Ansley Harper and Elise Harper also celebrated their presents at the Atlanta Athletic Club on Feb. 23.

Mother of the Harper twins, Darcy Harper, said, “These past six years have allowed for me to grow closer to Elise and Ansley in addition to creating amazing friendships with my fellow moms in our NCL class. We have greatly experienced the joy that serving others brings. One of my favorite philanthropies is the Georgia Ensemble Theatre.  While working there, we laughed and learned while watching many plays and musicals like the “Little Mermaid” and many others, after serving as ushers. I would not trade any of the hours I spent at a philanthropy or at meetings, the mother/daughter tea, etc. for anything.”

Burke has enjoyed being a part of this organization and has learned some lessons from it. She said, “Being a part of NCL has really taught me the importance of service in your own community. NCL has taught me that I do not need to go to a foreign country or even a different state to serve others. Service begins right here at home.”

Senior McKenzie Keeler had her NCL chapter presentation on Feb. 23 at the Country Club of Roswell. She said, “Every summer I worked at STAR House Kid’s Camp where I get to help teach and play with underprivileged kids in the community. I always look forward to it because every year the kids remember me, and they teach me new games and surprise me with how much they know. I really love doing it and I’m really sad I can’t do it next summer.”

Darcy Harper said, “We particularly loved working at the art and water camps at Autry Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Center. We learned how to make colonial flapjacks and look for animals in nature with the little kids at the camp. We recently finished out our time with NCL at the “Senior Recognition Event” on Saturday.”

This organization will continue to impact these girls and their families for the rest of their life. Joining this organization is highly encouraged for mothers and daughters so they can impact the world together. If one wishes to join the National Charity League, you must be sponsored by a current member who is in the chapter that you wish to join. For more information, visit

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