Wesleyan Students Love SharpTop Cove

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A large group of Wesleyan students went to SharpTop Cove, a Young Life camp in Jasper, Georgia. They enjoyed dancing, listening to musician Tim Halperin, going to club each night to hear speaker Will Aker and playing various games around the camp.

Aker focused on Christ’s love in his talks. The first day, he told a story about being lost in the airport as a child and the feeling he got when he was rekindled with his parents. He compared his parents’ determination to find him to how Jesus will do whatever it takes to reunite us with Him when we are lost. The second day, Aker spoke about how God hates sin because He is just. Then, he told us because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we can still be with God because Jesus paid for our sins.

Senior Sydney Weissman thought that the talks were “really eye opening” and encouraged her to “be thankful that Jesus loves me unconditionally.”

Every night, there is cabin time which is a time for each cabin to gather around and reflect on the events and talks from the day with their leader and peers. A question that is typically asked is, “If you could talk to Jesus for 20 seconds, what would you say?” and the students discuss their answers. The leaders also ask what the students got out of the talk or what they observed during the day. Cabin time is a very sacred time for the students and leaders because it gives them a chance to tell others what has been on their mind or going on in their life, and it gives their peers a chance to learn more about each other and learn how they can be there for each other.

When asked what Weissman’s favorite activity was, she said, “I enjoyed playing beach volleyball. It was fun, and the weather was nice! Cabin time was also cool because it gave us insight on other people’s lives and minds, and gave me an opportunity to comfort others.” Students also enjoyed participating in activities like going on the giant swing, cabin challenges, hiking, playing frisbee golf, playing in the game room, jumping off of the rope swing, zip lining and blobbing.

SharpTop Cove is a magnificent camp that gives students the opportunity to be their selves and also learn about God. Three people from the Johns Creek Young Life publicly announced that they accepted Christ during the weekend at SharpTop, which is a beautiful testimony to the work that God is doing through the Young Life program.

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