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    Sophomore, Ella V. Cooper poses with her new Moondance friends. ELLA V. COOPER
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    Juniors, Mateo Rengifo and Meredith Lynch, helping Señor Vallejo at soccer camp. BRIAN L. MORGAN
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    Sophomores Quinn Kaloper and Caroline Hayes working at Camp High Harbour. QUINN KALOPER

Students Adventure Through the Summer

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From piggybacking children all over campus to making new friends in the cabins, Wesleyan students had a fantastic time over the summer at many different camps around the world.

Whether they were traveling the world or participating in their communities at home, Wesleyan students had incredible opportunities this summer to take part in various summer camps.

Sophomore, Ryan Gomes worked as a leader for two camps at Wesleyan, Adventure and Discovery camp.

When asked, Gomes said he would recommend the camp to other students. “It is a great way to give something back to the Wesleyan community and you make a good amount of money doing it. It’s a lot of fun and with fantastic kids,” said Gomes.

On the other side of the world, Ella V Cooper, another sophomore, traveled to Spain and Morocco for two weeks, trekking through the Mountains of the Picos de Europa National Park and taking a ride on a camel’s back throughout the Arabian plains, with the Moondance Cooperation.

She said, “There are lots of different trips that would appeal to everyone,” when asked if she would recommend Moondance.

Another popular camp that many Wesleyan students go to is Camp High Harbour. Caroline Hayes worked as an LIT (leader in training) at camp and loved it. When at camp, she “worked in the kitchen by cleaning up and preparing meals,” Hayes said.

When asked about her favorite part of camp, Hayes said, “building camp relationships and making new friends!”

Sadly, this summer has come to an end but Wesleyan students cannot wait for the fun they will have next year.


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