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While most Wesleyan students spent the weekend sleeping in, watching Netflix and sleeping some more, others joined the Christian Life Ski Retreat that was this past MLK, Jr. weekend, Jan. 13 to Jan. 16 in Ghent, WV.  The trip is available for every grade in the high school; it is first come, first serve signup.

A group of 50 students and five faculty members traveled up to Winterplace Ski Resort to hit the slopes. They left before school Friday morning and drove seven hours on a charter bus, only stopping twice for lunch and to pick up their skis.

They arrived at Winterplace around 4 p.m. and had the afternoon and night to ski and spend time with friends. Sophomore Davis Chapman said, “My favorite part of the trip was the night skiing because it was a different experience than what I was used to,” while junior Olivia Frye’s favorite part was, “getting to hang out with people from all different grades.”

With two full days of skiing on Saturday and Sunday, there were several memories that were made. One being “when Kris Laurite face planted off a jump because she was going too fast,” said sophomore Luke Schiller.

Freshman Kate Lalley said, “I didn’t know how to ski before this trip, and it was a fun time to learn how to ski, and getting to know other people.”

Dawson Zimmerman, one of the leaders on the trip, said, “I enjoyed gaming all day and beating Mr. Mayfield at Settlers of Catan.” Zimmerman has gone on the trip for the past two years and he said, “The weather this year was much hotter, and there was way more rain. The hot weather caused students to drink more water, which caused the supply of water to run out very quickly. I publicly apologize for running out of water bottles and having the only option of liquid to drink as run-off water from the slopes.”

There was plenty of time for students to come in and spend time in the house, play board games, take a nap or watch the football games.

Several students gathered in one room to watch the Atlanta Falcons vs. Seattle Seahawks football game and then the Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys, both very close games. In addition to watching football together, students gathered in fellowship to listen to devotions given by three different faculty members each night.

Zimmerman gave a devotion the first night. Hooking students in by sharing a personal story from his childhood about a ski trip that he took with his family. He related skiing to how high school students can delight God with their joy and gave the challenge to be joyful in everything. The next night Mitchell Mayfield gave a devotion that was related to Zimmerman’s, and how everyone will have eternal joy in Heaven and how God is the one that gives eternal joy.

The final night Cameron Alexander gave a devotion sharing a personal story from a few summers ago when she was an intern at Sharptop Cove. A story about a boy letting go of his fears and trusting his peers to be there for him when he is having a hard time. She shared that with freedom God gives everyone a chance to let go from struggles and let God control the path of what is ahead.

The Ski Retreat is a great opportunity to spend time with friends and get away from all the stresses of school.



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