Christian Life Theme: Your Kingdom Come

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Every year, Director of Christian Life, Greg Lisson, introduces the new theme at the first All School Chapel of the year. This chapel is filled with many special traditions: senior Evergreens (students that have been at Wesleyan Kindergarten – 12th grade) walk down the kindergartens, the chapel band is mixed with students from different divisions and many loved ones come to welcome and celebrate in the new school year.

This year, the theme is Your Kingdom Come. Every month, one aspect of the theme will be broken down and focused on by the middle and high school chapel speakers. Topics such as grace, truth, beauty and justice will be filled to complete the phrase. Lisson began the year with Your Kingdom Come. Next month, the topic will be, Your Grace Come.

Lisson shares that the theme was inspired by the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:10. Jesus talks about how he his desire for earth is to have features from similar to ones in Heaven. Lisson said, “All kingdom values and virtues are given to us by God; it is our job to pass His message on to the people around us.”

In monthly chapel messages faculty, teachers and students will talk about how the Wesleyan community can receive God’s glory and go out to better the world we live in. Lisson was inspired by a sign his church gave to him that says, “In Atlanta like it is in Heaven.” Lisson gives other examples: “In Peachtree Corners like it is in Heaven,” “In Wesley 108 like it is in Heaven” and “On this sports team like it is in Heaven.”

The Christian Life theme is about more than just chapel topics. It is a relevant topic that is submerged throughout the Wesleyan community. It will challenge the students, faculty and teachers to take what they learned and bring characters of Heaven back to world we live in.

Senior Evergreen Megan Bielan said, “In Chapel, we hear the Lord’s Prayer before we are dismissed, so everyone is familiar with it, but I’m excited to study more and learn what the Lord has in store for us.”

The theme: Your Kingdom Come is challenging the Wesleyan community to dig deep into the Lord’s intentions for us to then influence the people we live in harmony with. In 1 John 4:19 it states, “We loved because He first loved us.” This verse is an example of how we must learn from the Lord before spreading the message to others. The Wesleyan community is excited to see what the future holds for the Lord’s kingdom.




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