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MattyB Performs At Falcons Halftime Show

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    Photo: MattyBRaps

Wesleyan student Matthew Morris, known by his stage name, MattyB, performed live at a recent Falcons game for the halftime show on the 1st of November with the help of his dance crew.  The sight was nothing short of epic, as the entire field was covered in Atlanta Falcons Junior Cheerleaders. Morris performed from a big stage at the 50-yard-line.  Commonly known as MattyB, he has accumulated quite the following on Youtube and social media, and has been working to establish a music career since a very young age.

It all started for MattyB when he was five-years-old.  One of his videos took off on YouTube and helped him gain millions of fans after getting millions of cumulative views. From strictly covering the songs of more famous artists on his Youtube channel, he moved to also creating original singles that he and his agent, Marshall, write.  He has done live concerts at some smaller venues before, including a WNBA game, but this is definetly the largest event that he has performed at.

The main takeaway is that MattyB is taking off and not coming down anytime soon.  From Youtube sensation to live performer, MattyB is moving up slow and steady in the music world.

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