Softball Begins Season: One Body With Many Parts

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The Lady Wolves have begun their season and are now in full swing. The Wesleyan softball team recently started off their season with two wins from a double header against GACS and Lovett. The scores were 5-0 against GACS and 8-7 against Lovett.

Head softball coach Mary Stephenson said, “Our overall goal is the same from season to season and that is how to learn to be a true reflection of the body of Christ… we talk a lot about being one body and many parts and being able to make sacrifices for the good of the team, so we use softball to understand how to put others above yourself.”

Every team or group has their own kind of way to bond the team and make them feel almost like a family. Junior Savannah Sommer said, “We have had team bonding with our DLT (do the little things) teams and team dinners from time to time.”

When asked which opponent is their favorite team to play there were different answers. Sophomore Ann-Margaret Jones said, “I like playing GACS because they are our rivals and we always play the best against them.” Sommer said, “My favorite team to play against is Marist because it is always a close and competitive game.”

The opponents that will be very challenging and competitive this season will be the teams that are non-regional. Stephenson said,” We will play Buford, Lambert, Parkview, and more that are non-regional.” Stephenson continued, “Within our region, ELCA and then other single A teams including FPD who are defending state camps.”

The Lady Wolves are only at the beginning of their season and they are already off to a good start. The softball team will continue working hard in order to complete the tasks and goals they have set for their season.

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