Wolves Ready for the New Year

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New Years is the time of the year where people all around the nation try to make this upcoming year the best year yet, by making resolutions, like working out, starting a new diet, journaling, growing a relationship with someone, or overcoming a trial. When asked, the students and faculty at Wesleyan School what their New Year’s Resolutions were and how they planned to make their 2019 the best year yet.

“My New Year’s Resolutions are to be a better family member by serving my mom and dad more and picking some things up around the house and to advance my athletic abilities throughout the off-season. In 2019, I plan to change my mindset towards my new goals and work hard to achieve them” said Freshman Hampton Huggins. As well as Sophomore Fletcher Morris said, “I actually have a New Year’s Resolution from the past couple years to not make a resolution, but I do have some plans. I plan on keeping my grades high while also doing well at soccer this season. From last year, the event I enjoyed the most was Homecoming Week. For 2019, I plan on finishing “The Office” for a second time.”

Senior Trinity Russo said, “My New Year’s Resolution is to get a letter in track and I plan to improve in the small parts of my life that I may not think of as a big deal previously.”

Sophomore Alyssa Phillip said, “I want to eat healthier and work on getting better at basketball. I also want to start being more positive and focusing more on school and basketball in 2019.” And Senior Alayna Fogarty said, “My New Year’s Resolution is to eat healthier, work out 3 times a week, and get closer to God. Also, in 2019 I plan to be a queen, and cut out toxic people.”

Middle School Science Teacher Mitchell Mayfield said, “My goal in 2019 is to actually finish the books I start reading. I’ve got a bad habit of jumping around and not reading the whole book before starting another one. I plan to make 2019 better by learning new recipes and trying new foods and restaurants. My wife and I haven’t made any huge plans yet, but we are looking to travel this summer… or maybe just get a cat?”

The Wesleyan Wolves are all looking forward to fulfilling their resolutions, trying new things, and conquering trials no matter how big or small. The Wolves are excited for second semester and a well awaited summer to come in a couple of months.

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