New Year, New You

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From exercising, to learning a new skill, there is no better time to make a resolution for yourself than the turn of the new year. It is almost 2020 and time for a new beginning. There are lots of exciting times and memories of 2019 coming to an end, but what does that mean for the new year? People make mistakes, and now is a perfect time to change lives for the better. All around the globe, people are longing for new opportunities, new relationships and hopefully a better year. This is generally what is going on in the minds of resolution makers at this time of the year.

Resolutions can either be a great way to motivate a person, or they can be unreachable and can set one up to fail. According to the New York Post, “55% of New Year’s resolutions were health related.” Most people around the world want to make themselves better by getting rid of old and bad habits. These trends are affecting students and faculty at Wesleyan School.

Wesleyan students all over the place are making their resolutions for the new year. Students cannot wait to start fresh in 2020, but that does not mean one must forget 2019. When asked about his favorite memory of 2019, sophomore Cristo Martinez said, “My favorite memory of 2019 was winning state [with the varsity soccer team].” Development Associate Mitzie Ritchie said, “Honestly my highlight of each week is my mentor group.” Ritchie likewise said, “I really loved the alumni Christmas party.” Ritchie said her resolution was to, “create more margin in [her] life to be more deliberate on the difference between work and home and to create more [time] in [her] life for true relationships.”

Whether sporting events or homecoming, classes or extracurriculars, the recollections from 2019 range widely. As the decade comes to an end, people not only reflect on 2019, but also the entire decade. This is making new year’s resolutions more popular than ever because the ending of 2019 is really the beginning of something new. It is now time to look ahead to 2020. What are some things to look forward to? What are ways a person can be the best they can be? Why is it that people make resolutions?

There are truly a lot of new opportunities to look forward to for 2020. Each and every student from the high school and the middle school will have graduated before the end of the approaching decade.

When the clock strikes midnight, it will be time to embark on a new decade, and this all begins with resolutions. One reason Ritchie thinks people so commonly make resolutions is because, “You know that you aren’t alone in making a resolution [because] everyone is doing it with you.” Likewise, senior Tatum Connor said, “People are unhappy with where they are in their lives and it’s a good time of year to refresh, because it’s easier to refresh when everyone else is.”

Since so many people are making resolutions, it makes it easier for humans to make a change and feel supported. There are many ways to make 2020 a better year, whether that be by exercising, spending more time with family or just creating some extra time for oneself. There is not a better time to change than the beginning of the new year.


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