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Prank you Very Much, Senior Classes

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A good joke goes a long way, so it is little wonder why every antsy senior class has its own prank to pull on Wesleyan. Ranging from the elaborate to endearing, from small to seditious and from individual to common, every year the senior class leaves with a prank. Keep Reading

Wesleyan Marching Wolves Prepare for Best Year Yet

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    Ryan De Smet (9th grade), Jared Wildermuth (10th grade) and Paul Nichols (8th grade) perform at the kick-off game against Therrell. BRIAN L. MORGAN
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    Marching band and visual performance ensemble prepare for a princess themed scavenger hunt. PAM SANCHEZ

Clash! Ding! Boom! The Wesleyan marching band and visual performance ensemble set aside a week of their summer vacation in order to learn, practice, and memorize their music and field routine.

Not only does each person have to memorize dozens of individual placements, they must also memorize all their cues and music.

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