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Women’s March 2019: Standing Stronger Together

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A widespread event over the past couple of years with an expression of reform, unity and standing up against society in a way to protect the civil rights and sanctity of the people has been the Women’s March.

Amid controversy in the 2019 Women’s March, followers of the original group accused them of being biased or more favoring of white women; the group is believed to be ignoring real issues that others with diverse backgrounds struggle with on a daily basis. This affected the organization and the movement in a negative way causing the state of the United States and the overall sanity of the groups beliefs to be divided.

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Women’s History Month 101

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From its roots at the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 to worldwide organizations for female empowerment in 2017, the women’s rights movement has gained immense popularity, a large part of which comes from the institution of Women’s History Month.

Throughout history, females have tirelessly worked towards a common goal: gender equality. The month of March was named Women’s History Month in 1987 by Ronald Reagan and recognizes the various contributions that females have made to American history, culture and society.

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Mosaic 7:9 Club Breaks into the New Year with Piñata Festivities

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    Senior Bailey Edwards takes a swing at the piñata in the opening meeting. Julia Childers

There are many great clubs offered at Wesleyan. One of the most diverse clubs is the Mosaic 7:9 club. It started three years ago at the request of two former students, Adaku Onwuka and Sheridan Davenport. This club comes together to celebrate diversity.

Jason Sheer, the faculty sponsor, said, “The name of the club, Mosaic 7:9 comes from the idea that we, like a mosaic, are a community of difference, and it is the difference that makes the community beautiful.”

The other half of the name comes from Revelation 7:9, when John saw many different people from many different nations, and they were all worshipping the same God.

“The name is a good reflection of why I personally care and why this matters at Wesleyan- I want to be a follower of Christ and this is the kind of community Christ is preparing for us,” said Sheer.

This year the club kicked things off with piñata festivities on the quad, but it is never too late to join. Mosaic 7:9 club meets once per month during lunch, along with the occasional leadership meeting. This is a time for students to plan the discussion for the next lunch meeting. This club hopes to diversify Wesleyan, and so far they have done an exceptional job.

Senior Sophia Kim is a participant of the club and she said that she hopes “the club will bring out different perespectives on how to benefit from diversity in Wesleyan.”

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