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Sex Trafficking Awareness: Why it Matters

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With January being sex trafficking awareness month, Wesleyan wanted to spread awareness about the issue of sex trafficking through the Wesleyan School community. With the help of students and teachers, the school brought Eboni Belle, Director of Outreach and Operations at Street Grace, to come to Wesleyan and speak about sex trafficking. Belle talked about the grooming process, trafficker’s tactics, the “do’s and don’ts” and why being a careful and aware resident in Atlanta is crucial.

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Students Eat Less Chicken

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The Chick-Fil-A in Peachtree Corners closed at the end of Nov., due to remodeling, but is planning to be re-opened in May 2019. The store at 6105 Peachtree Parkway will be torn down, re-serviced and built back up for fresh new look. The new store will have an updated kitchen, seating and modern drive-thru lane. Local employees will be re-located to the nearby Chick-Fil-A location on Holcomb Bridge. Keep Reading

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