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The State Football Championship Team Celebrates 10th Anniversary

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As the highly recognized State Championship football team returned for the celebration of their 10th year anniversary, many former players shared moments, lessons and feelings of the one game that made their hard work worthwhile.

On Oct. 19, at the Wesleyan homecoming football game, the State Championship team was acknowledged for their achievement 10 years ago. The nostalgia of the high school experience was more likely in full effect, as the Friday night lights shined down upon them one more time. They got to bask in the glory of, to some of them, the best days of their lives.

Former football player and Alumnus Scott Schroer (’10) said, “I think I miss the people the most. The coaches, players, cheerleaders and managers all made that year so unique and the fact that I got to play 15 games with all my best friends, and also win, was really special.”

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Single A, but Double State Championship Appearances

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    Varsity girls’ softball team picture after winning the Class A state championship. Brian L Morgan.
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    Varsity boys team picture after placing fourth in the state championship. Chad McDaniel.

This season of sports has truly been one for the record books as many incredible and memorable events have transpired in the Wesleyan community. In two fall sports this season Wesleyan made a run for the state championship in the single A classification. Thanks to the hard work of the athletes and the leadership of their coaches, the Wolves have once again achieved excellence in the opening season of the school year.


For starters, in Columbus, Georgia on Oct. 28, the Wesleyan softball team played in the class A state championship against Tattnall Square Academy. This match was a nail biter as both teams were exceptionally skilled and well prepared for their respective opponent. By the bottom of the eighth inning the score was 4-4 with Wesleyan freshman Reece Holbrook at bat, the tension was high as the wolves already had two outs. “I knew that I needed to go all out. It was all or nothing. I also knew that it would most likely be my last at bat as a freshman, so I wanted to make it good.”  With the final pitch Holbrook hit a walk off home run and claimed the championship victory for the Wolves.

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A Year In Review: Wesleyan Edition

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This past 2016-17 school year was one to remember. Take a trip down memory lane as the  Green & Gold staff looks back at some of the most memorable events of the year!
August: The Rio Olympics was a huge success for the United States, with 46 gold medals, 37 silver medals and 38 bronze medals. The 2016 Summer Olympics also featured countless historic and memorable moments such as gymnast Simone Biles’ breakout performace    with the “Final Five” women’s gymnastics team and Michael Phelps’ final Olympic Games and record breaking accumulation of his 23rd gold medal. On Aug. 8, Freshmen and Seniors ventured to Carolina Point for the pre-school Freshman Retreat. New students were introduced to Wesleyan culture and get to know new friends and peer leaders. Keep Reading

Girls Basketball Wins 12th State Title

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The varsity girls basketball team traveled to Georgia Tech on Friday to compete for the state title. They faced Holy Innocents, a long-time rival, and the same opponent they faced the past 2 years. Wesleyan fell to the Bears twice in the regular season, but they won when it mattered the most, the region championship game. This victory gave them an easier path to the championship. Keep Reading

Girls’ Basketball Chases Another State Championship Title

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The girls’ basketball team is officially on its way to the state championship again. The players have worked extremely hard in the off-season and are hopeful that their hard work will pay off in the season. This year, the team has the most seniors in the history of the program, with eight. Three out of four of these seniors are already committed to continue their basketball careers at the collegiate level. Senior Natalie Armstrong is committed to play at Samford University, senior Mikayla Coombs is committed to play at the University of Connecticut and senior Bailey Edwards is committed to play at Young Harris College.


With the most seniors ever, the team is hoping to end their season with yet another State Champion title. The team is extremely large this year with 17 players, which is even more than last year’s 14 players. The team is made up of four freshmen, three sophomores, two juniors and eight seniors.


Senior Mikayla Coombs said, “I am excited about the memories we will make as a team and the big games.” Coombs also said, “My favorite part of the team is the bond we have. We are all extremely close and we are sad that this is our last season together.”

Junior Amaya Register drives against a Holy Innocents' player. BRIAN L. MORGAN
Junior Amaya Register drives against a Holy Innocents’ player. Brian L. Morgan.


The toughest competition in region six will be Holy Innocents yet again. After losing to Holy Innocents in the state championship last year, the lady wolves will have to play their hardest to beat them and make it to another state championship.


Coach Jan Azar said, “I am most excited for coaching my eight seniors for one more year!”

The seniors have all been playing together for all of high school, and this year will be a bitter-sweet end to their high school careers.

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