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Wesleyan Mourns the Beloved Table of Room W180

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As Norcross trudged through a long rainy spout, even the weather seemed to reflect the mood of all Wesleyan’s students and faculty as they said farewell to a loyal and much-beloved companion, the Table of Room W180.

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The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack

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Wesleyan super fans, while fond of Friday night lights, go out of their way to support other athletic and artistic endeavors. Whether it is witnessing the girls’ volleyball team ace Parkview, enduring the sauna-like heat of the natatorium to cheer on the Water Polo Wolves or congratulating cross country runners for a race well run on an early Saturday morning, these people give their all to show athletes the true meaning of community.

Each Friday night, Wesleyan super fans crowd Henderson Stadium to watch another battle between the Wolves and their opponent. One can hear the combined roar of an ecstatic student section and an upbeat marching band from all the way across Technology Parkway, signaling the epic finale of another great game: “Onward Wesleyan … in all we do, for victory we will fight! Wesleyan, we proudly hail that green, gold, white!” Keep Reading

Grand Opening of New Town Center Rapidly Approaches

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  • Town-Center-4.png
    Artist rendering of Peachtree Corners Town Center common area. Fuqua Development.
  • Town-Center-5.png
    Construction site of the new Peachtree Corners Town Center. Fuqua Development.

After the incorporation of Peachtree Corners in 2012, several citizen surveys were taken to determine what the city’s priorities should be. The survey indicated that the citizens of Peachtree Corners ranked a town center as the city’s next top priority.  Residents wanted a central location to gather for events and other activities, essentially people wanted a unique place that would establish the city’s identity. Keep Reading

The Old Taylor Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now

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Look what you made [her] do. When a minimalistic, black furry coated Taylor Swift stands above a mound of her old personas, kicking them in the face as they try to reach her, it is clear that the old Taylor is dead, and the new one is here to stay. Critics can say what they want about Swift’s comeback, but this article will have nothing to do with the endless criticizing and nitpicking of Ms. Swift. As a loyal Taylor Swift fan, I pledged my allegiance to the star a long time ago; therefore, my tolerance for fake fans is slim to none.

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Secret Gems in Peachtree Corners

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Wesleyan is in a prime location, surrounded by numerous restaurants that feed all the needs and cravings of its students, faculty and families. Bigger named restaurants such as Chipotle or California Pizza Kitchen are always full of Wesleyan members, but there are many places that not many people have even heard of. Places like Hog and Ale, Dagwood’s, Gino’s Pizza and Pita all surround the Wesleyan bubble, yet people rarely go to them (so I thought).

As I conducted a poll from the current junior and senior class, I came to realize 35 seniors and 27 juniors have all eaten at one or more of the restaurants listed above. Due to that unexpected number, I decided to take matters into my own hands and eat, observe and critique each place. I was thoroughly satisfied with my results, and I will recommend any of these places to people in the future.  Keep Reading

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