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Volleyball Sets Up for A New Season

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The Wesleyan varsity volleyball team has been preparing for the upcoming season over the summer. With new additions to the team and a new attitude, the volleyball team is excited about the new season. Over the summer, the team had to attend workouts and start practicing.

Junior Grace Tyler said, “We have to attend at least 12 workouts during the summer, it really helps!” Along with workouts, they have been practicing almost every day to prepare themselves to be the best they can be.

Although practice and workouts are challenging, the team had a well-deserved pool party at Senior Madison McKemie’s house. The girls engaged in some super fun games for team bonding and enjoyed some yummy food. The team bonding was a huge success and the team is closer than ever.

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The Snow Storm Letdown

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Jan. 6 was one of those rare days that students in Georgia always hope for. Students sit right next to their phones and computers and wait for the call or email that cancels school. Students even stay up late hoping that their school will call them and let them know that school has been cancelled for the next day. On Friday Jan. 6, most students in Georgia got what they hoped for.

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