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Spring Sports Blossom into the Season

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As the seasons change, spring sports have already begun at Wesleyan. The spring sports offered are lacrosse, soccer, tennis, golf, baseball and track. Before the season began, all the teams had pre-season workouts with Strength and Conditioning Coach Dustin Wolf. After pre-season workouts, students were to try out for their desired sport. Every day after school, you will find students participating in their sports at the stadium, lake field, tennis courts and baseball field.

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Purple (Colors) Attack Indoor Soccer

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Tiny granules of black rubber seep into second-hand Nike Cleats. Flickering lights give off an aura of a decommissioned haunted house. But as players open the tiny gate and take their first steps onto the field, the excitement of competition sets in. It is not the Rio de Janiero World Cup finals, but for the next 50 minutes, the flurry of goals washes away the locale and the world’s greatest game is played indoors. Keep Reading

Color Guard Transitions to Winter Guard

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Out with the old, and in with the new; with the closing of a competitive color guard season, a new type of competition emerges. That new type of competition is winter guard. The two similar sports are distinctly different in their ways of presenting the skills of the team. The dropping of temperatures indicates the transition from the color guard to winter guard season for many young female athletes.

“Our shows all came together really well. They all have a story plot and a well thought-out design that people could observe from the stands,” sophomore Madeline Metz said on color guard. Keep Reading

Promising Future Lies Ahead for Wolves Soccer Teams

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Several weeks into the season, the Wolves continue to dominate on the soccer field; the varsity boys remain undefeated with an impressive record of 8-0-1. With wins against tough competition like Alpharetta, Altanta International School and Discovery, the team is showing outstanding potential so far. The boys only tie came from a difficult game against Marist. Wesleyan has proven to be an offensive powerhouse, scoring 34 goals so far in only nine games.

Despite early success, the Wolves will need to keep progressing in order to compete with region opponents like GAC, Holy Innocents’ and Lovett.

“Our region games will definitely be the toughest, and we’ll need to play well in those to achieve our goal of winning the state championship,” said senior Grant Sauer. Sauer has proven to be an invaluable asset offensively and defensively for the Wolves, and his leadership is key to the success of the team. Keep Reading

Running Wolves Have High Hopes

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    The 2016 Track & Field Team. Brian Morgan
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    Head coaches Chris Yoder, Candler Baxley, Justin Kruger and Chad McDaniel. Brian Morgan

Sprinting, jumping, throwing, vaulting, the Wesleyan Track & Field team is off to a great start for the 2016 season. Head coaches Candler Baxley, Chad McDaniel and Chris Yoder are training athletes to reach both their personal and team goals. With Greater Atlanta Christian School, Lovett and Holy Innocents being their toughest opponents, Baxley said their main goal for the season is “to have fun, see all of our athletes improve, and be competitive in the region and state meats at the end of the season.”

These coaches also infiltrate a sense of community into practices and serve as constant encouragers to help students succeed and build each other up. Senior Sheridan Davenport said, “I would describe this year’s team dynamic as very exciting. Everyone is willing to try new things and uncover their talents in the tracks and the fields. It’s great to see everyone growing athletically and developing in character.”

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