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Children of Christmas: Where Are They Now?

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Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen. Tumblr.
Taylor Momsen. Billboard.

Remember that adorable girl who played Cindy Lou Who in Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas? How could anyone forget. Many people remember her for her gorgeous rendition of Faith Hill’s “Where Are You Christmas” and her hair that looked like an Auntie Annie’s Pretzel, but few people recognize her today. Since starring in that beloved Christmas classic, Momsen went on to appear in Spy Kids 2 and even audition for the title role of Hannah Montana for the Disney Channel Original Series. She also went on to appear in the hit TV show Gossip Girl. Currently Momsen finds fame as the lead singer for the rock band The Pretty Reckless. Today fans might find her under dark shades of eyeliner or accompanied by an entourage of older men (aka her band), but no matter where she is, there is no doubt that she still embodies the heart of the Christmas spirit.

McCauley Culkin

McCauley Culkin. E!.
McCauley Culkin. YouTube.

Contrary to popular belief, McCauley Culkin is not dead. After suffering the major trauma of getting left home alone during Christmas (not once, but twice), Culkin went on to become… nothing. Unless Culkin invents a cure to cancer or makes a major comeback to the entertainment industry (he won’t do either), he will never be anything more than a child actor. Over the years, Culkin has evolved into the posterchild for the anti-drug movement, spending some quality time behind bars due to drug abuse. Nowadays you might see him out and about. Just look for that sketchy guy that your mom always told you to avoid who lures children into his van with free candy!

Eric Lloyd

Eric LLoyd. Eric Lloyd.
Eric Lloyd. Eric Lloyd.

If you don’t know who Eric Lloyd is, you must not live in this world. Known to most people as Charlie Calvin, it’s a shame that Eric Lloyd virtually disappeared from society after his breakout role in the Santa Claus trilogy.  After stealing the hearts of audiences young and old, he went on to star in the Hollywood blockbuster The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars, a true cinematic masterpiece. But where is he now?  Who knows? In fact, did he ever exist or is he just a figment of our imagination? All we know about Lloyd is that he went on to open a movie/music studio, names LP Studios, somewhere in Los Angeles. But it obviously hasn’t done well according to their unattractive outdated website. Well wherever you are Eric, we miss you.

Peter Billingsley

Peter Billingsley. IMDb.


This is a classic tale of “don’t bully the chubby kid with glasses, because he might turn out to be attractive and successful.” And in fact, Peter Billingsley (aka. Ralphie from the American Christmas classic, A Christmas Story) has become both attractive and successful. With an Emmy nomination and a plethora of other random accolades under his belt, he rises above all other Christmas child actors.




Falling in Love with Fall

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Fall is undeniably the best season. There are countless activities to enjoy. How could someone not fall in love with fall?

Some of my favorite fall activities are the simplest. Cuddling up in a warm blanket with a big bowl of popcorn while watching “Gilmore Girls” might be my personal favorite activity, but other activities include jumping in a leaf pile. I mean come on! How classic is that?

Spencer Sutlive- Payton Kaloper enjoys jumping in a leaf pile
Payton Kaloper enjoys jumping in a leaf pile. Spencer Sutlive.

Pumpkin carving is also a great way to enjoy what fall has to offer. There is pumpkin everything these days. Although pumpkins have become synonymous with fall, pumpkin carving has been traditionally associated with the fall season. Recently, the Wesleyan high school cross country teams enjoyed a fun pumpkin-carving party.

Senior Emma Preston, high school teacher Payton Kaloper-Megan Trotter and Coach Smith’s daughter, Molly, smile and laugh while carving their cute pumpkin design.
Senior Emma Preston, high school teacher Megan Trotter and Coach Josh Smith’s daughter, Molly, smile and laugh while carving their cute pumpkin design. Payton Kaloper.

While pumpkin carving might be enjoyable for most, one can never go wrong getting cozy up to a warm, crackling fire. Whether it may be the roasting of marshmallows to make s’mores or sitting with boots and a beanie with a loved one by your side, an aesthetic bonfire will never go out of style.

Payton Kaloper- Sitting by the warm fire with friends
Sitting by the warm fire with friends. Payton Kaloper.

There are also many cute fall arts and crafts, like making the perfect bird feeder. This is probably one of the easiest fall crafts. All you need is a pine cone, a few tablespoons of peanut butter, roughly a half a cup of bird seed and a string to hang the bird feeder. First, tie the string around one side of the pine cone, then coat is with as much peanut butter as possible, after that, you drench it in bird seeds. This is so easy and definitely kid-friendly.

Payton Kaloper- The pine cone bird feeder steps
The pine cone bird feeder steps. Payton Kaloper.

Car rides through scenic routes are exciting especially with good friends. The best thing about fall drives, in the south especially is, being able to notice the changing of the leaves. This is truly God’s creation at work.

Junior Abbie Blauser enjoys a long car ride with friends. Payton Kaloper.
Junior Abbie Blauser enjoys a long car ride with friends. Payton Kaloper.

Soaking up some Vitamin D while enjoying some tasty southern comfort foods and a candle is a perfect way to enjoy the autumnal outdoors. Some fall food may include: pumpkin pie, apple pie, chili, mashed potatoes, grilled cheese or apple cider!

Payton Kaloper sits and enjoys her picnic. Jake Kaloper
Payton Kaloper sits and enjoys her picnic. Jake Kaloper.

If you are looking for fun ways to enjoy fall, refer back to this easy list. You’re welcome to interpret it your own way!



Date Night at Wesleyan

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It’s that time of year again when the leaves start turning, the temperature begins dropping, and the warm-fuzzy feeling of love is all around! Fall is undeniably the most romantic season of the year, a time when you can hold a pumpkin spice latte in one hand and the palm of your love in the other. As the autumn leaves begin to fall, the Wesleyan dating scene begins to flourish. It is not uncommon to see couples strolling through the Forum, wearing matching sweaters or frolicking across the grassy knolls of Technology Parkway on the weekends. But during the school week, shared trips to and from the lake lots, lunch dates at Dubose dining hall and talking together on the quad all help to make the romance last throughout the week! But the most popular activity endorsed by Wesleyan couples is definitely grabbing a meal after school or practices.

Rumor has it the top places to eat are California Pizza Kitchen and Chipotle, so I teamed up with Quinn Kaloper to find out just how romantic these restaurants really are. And to top this investigation off, we joined Wesleyan’s hottest couple, Ms. Alex Bufton and Mr. Chris Paroli, for a surprise excursion to their favorite date night spot! Keep Reading

Faculty Spotted in Rio!

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Cameron Alexander

Cameron Alexander turns Rio's pool green
Cameron Alexander turns Rio’s pool green

Newlywed and new, full-time teacher Mrs. Alexander was eager to prove herself a part of the Wesleyan community. So this past summer, she embarked on the most dangerous mission of her entire life. In fact, right after getting married, Mrs. Alexander skipped her honeymoon and used that money to purchase 500 buckets of green food coloring. Why, you may ask? Well, little did we know she was scheming something big, something no one had ever seen before. She wanted to turn the diving pool at the Rio Olympics green—in honor of the Wolves of course. During the Rio Olympics, Mrs. Alexander—disguised as a coach named Coach Brad—proceeded to dump all 500 buckets of green food coloring into the pool. How she got away with it, no one will ever know.

Alex Bufton

Alex Bufton shows off her mad gymnastics skill
Alex Bufton shows off her mad gymnastics skill

Many are aware of Ms. Bufton’s extraordinary double life, Spanish teacher by day, CrossFit queen by night (or on the weekends depending on how busy her schedule is). But, it may come as a surprise to many that Ms. Bufton is actually an Olympic gold medalist! Back handsprings and double layouts are second nature for this Wesleyan teacher. In fact, some students claim they’ve seen her sport some of her fancy moves right here on campus! However, to protect her identity as an accomplished gymnast she often goes by the name Balex Aufton.




Chris Cleveland

Chris Cleveland has the time of his life life-guarding in Rio.
Chris Cleveland has the time of his life life-guarding in Rio.

Mr. Cleveland’s summer was filled with endless excitement as he worked as an Olympic Lifeguard. He sure had his work cut out for him as he constantly had to save the drowning Olympians. I heard he even had to save Michael Phelps during warm ups once, because his goggles fell off (and nobody can swim without their goggles). After each of Cleveland’s shifts he would sleep for hours and drink plenty of Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy to make sure he never dozed off when he was on guard.

Brian Krehmeyer

Brian Krehmeyer scores a grand total of zero points, while diving in Rio.
Brian Krehmeyer scores a grand total of zero points, while diving in Rio.

What started off as the most talked about underdog story of Rio, ended in sheer embarrassment. After months of practice and hours of training, the spotlight was on Mr. Krehmeyer during the preliminary rounds of the diving competition at the Rio Olympics this summer. With no formal training whatsoever, Krehmeyer proved that his amateur skills could rival the best. As he stepped up to the diving board and prepared for his dismount, all he could think about was that gold medal. It was so close he could practically taste it. Unfortunately, Mr. Krehmeyer did not achieve his Olympic dreams that day. As his back flopped against the water, his dreams were shattered. With a grand total of zero points, he was unable to advance to the next round. But this isn’t the end, Krehmeyer plans to practice even harder over the next four years with his eyes set on Tokyo.




Top Places to Visit at Wesleyan

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School Store- The School Store has been one of the most successful additions to the Wesleyan campus ever. From the Pop Tarts to the groovy outerwear, the Wesleyan Spirit Shop provides students with a variety of reasonably priced goods. Do not forget about the mothers who work there, they are sweethearts, and they have Chick-fil-a, which is a must at Wesleyan.

Yancey Weight Room- The weight room provides students with the ability to get yoked and hang out with the one and only Mr. Coach Wolf Sir. If this is not tempting enough, it is home to an honorable mention on my top water fountains. Keep Reading

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