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The Unexpected Collapse of I-85

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On Mar. 30, 2017 a fire broke out underneath a bridge on I-85 in Atlanta.  As news broke out about the incident, there was sudden panic within Atlanta. This affected many people that work at Wesleyan, as well as students that attend Wesleyan. Assistant Dean of students Mary Stephenson said, “Going home now has been awful, it used to take me about 30 minutes, now it’s easily an hour”.

The incident shines light on the United States dependency on transportation. Civilians depend on cars and the roads to get them to work every day, so when one of those elements is destroyed, there becomes a major problem. Stephenson said, “Absolutely, Atlanta has always been a commuter city and Atlanta was not well planned out from the beginning.” Although MARTA is one solution to this problem, the railways don’t extend to great lengths. Stephenson said, “If we had a more extensive transit system that would help the problem but that’s not even an option, MARTA doesn’t even go to cobb county or anywhere near Wesleyan from the inner city”.

When asked about how the bridge collapse has affected the commute to and from school, sophomore Maegan Baker said, “It now takes me two hours to get home from school, but does not affect my drive to school because I leave earlier.” Keep Reading

Celebrating the Luck of the Irish

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This year Saint Patrick’s Day fell on Friday, Mar. 17.

Many Americans participate in traditions to celebrate this holiday.  One tradition is wearing green to avoid people being pinched. For Wesleyan students, it is very difficult to not include the color green as a part of a daily school outfit. Keep Reading

The Boys` Basketball Season Comes to a Close

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The boys` basketball season came to a close with the final record being 17-12. The boys worked hard to finish out the season strong and ended their journey in the second round of state.

When asked what the most exciting game of the season was, Junior Christian Mclean said, “I think the most exciting game this year for us was the second time we played Holy Innocents` because they knocked us out of the playoffs last year, so it meant a lot to go out there and beat them by 20, and also sent a statement to a lot of other teams as well.” The boys played Holy Innocents` two times, the first time they lost barely 63-67 and the second time they won by twenty points.

Damm said, “My favorite game of the season so far was our game against Green Forest.  We played at home and were huge underdogs, but the crowd in Yancey was amazing and our team went out and played hard and left it all on the court.  We didn’t win, but we gave a winning effort against a very talented Green Forest team. It is a game I’ll always remember.”

Built into the basketball schedule are games that are out of region. These games are shown to be more difficult. Senior Cullen Davis said, “Playing tough games is very helpful when it comes to preparing for the playoffs, because there are no give me games in the playoffs. Every team is capable of winning any given game and being in tough situations early in the year is great preparation for that.”

The Boys recently lost to Lakeview on Feb. 23, which brought their season to a close.

The Girls Basketball Team Chases Another State Title

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The girls basketball team continues to work hard and stay focused, so they can achieve their goal in winning the state championship.

There are eight seniors on the team, so it would be memorable to end their high school careers with a state championship.

The Lady Wolves finished their regular season 24-4, and like the boys team, they will be in the state playoffs as well.

When asked how the team will prepare for the upcoming tournament senior Natalie Armstrong said, “We are preparing by focusing on certain defenses and offenses that will be efficient for the teams that we could potentially play down the road in the state tournament.” Keep Reading

The After Hours: What You Don’t See

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Even though we do not often see what goes on after hours at Wesleyan, many tasks are completed that therefore allows Wesleyan to have an engaging environment.

Housekeeping is a service that falls under the category of services that happens after hours. Housekeeping is something Wesleyan could not do without and something that often goes unrecognized. The Wesleyan students and staff can show their gratitude to them by picking up trash, thanking them, and cleaning up after themselves.

Many of the workers have different hours that vary based on their position. To get more information on their hours and the amount of days they work Carolina Aponte answered. She said, “I work from 3 to 11 Monday through Friday”. Chris Pringle also said, “We are supposed to work 8 hours a day and 5 days a week, but it usually tends to go longer than 8 hours a day and more than 5 days out of the week.” Keep Reading

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